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About Dr. Jürgen Römer

Dr. Jürgen Römer was born in Bonn in 1963 and graduated from the Carl von Ossietzky grammar school in 1982. He then joined the sports training group of the German Air Force in Cologne-Wahn, played national league fistball with Bayer Leverkusen (European Cup winners) and was also a long-time volleyball player for the Red-White team in Bonn-Röttgen.

After studying Medicine in Pisa, Bochum, Bonn and St. Gallen and sport science at the German Sport University Cologne, he became a supervising physician at the Olympic training centre in Dortmund for the Figure Skating and Ice Dance section and the German fistball junior national team. Jürgen Römer is also a licensed ski and tennis instructor.

He completed further training in accident, abdominal and hand surgery at the Maltese Hospital in Bonn, in heart and thorax surgery at the Heart Centre in Frankfurt, and in general orthopaedics at St Vincenz Hospital in Constance, with a focus on endoprosthetics, at the Cantonal Hospital in Münsterlingen (Switzerland) and St Gallen, at the Clinic for Sports Injuries of Sport Aid NRW-Hellersen, with a main focus on arthroscopic joint surgery and sport traumatology, as well as at the Clinic for Conservative Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation/Spinal Centre-Hellersen.

He worked as a specialist in the Klinik am Ring in Cologne with Dr. Peter Schäferhoff (team doctor for FC Cologne and the Cologne Sharks) and as a senior physician in the PAN Clinic, Cologne with R. Strümper. Dr. Jürgen Römer holds a doctorate from the Orthopaedic University Clinic in Bonn.

As a registered orthopaedist in Bad Godesberg, he is now making use of his experience to devote himself to non-surgical (conservative) orthopaedics and sports medicine across its whole spectrum, including the care of competitive athletes and professional sportsmen and womenrecreational athletessenior athletes and children.

He makes use of his now extensive medical interdisciplinary and operative network for the benefit of his patients.

Other information

  • Chiropractic training in Graz, Freiburg and Berlin
  • Acupuncture training at the TCM Clinics Bramsche/Osnabrück, Bolzano, Berlin and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicine in Beijing
  • Training in Magnetic Resonance Imaging with certification from the German Professional Association for Orthopaedics (BVO)
  • Training in osteology with a certification from the Umbrella Organisation for Osteology (DVO)
  • Member of the Research Group for Acupuncture in Düsseldorf
  • Member of the Interdisciplinary Society for Orthopaedic Pain Therapy (IGOST e.V.)
  • Member of the Professional Association for Traumatology and Orthopaedics (BVUO)
  • Recommended sports orthopaedist/sports physician for the UN authorities in Bonn
  • Partner doctor of many Bonn sports clubs
  • Supervising physician of the country performance centre for volleyball at the Olympic training centre in Bonn
  • Supervising doctor of the GOP Variety Theatre in Bonn
  • Speaker at national and international education and training courses and congresses on the topics of sports medicine, conservative arthritis therapy and acupuncture in orthopaedics
  • Appraiser for social welfare courts and insurance companies


Dr. Jürgen Römer is an enthusiastic husband and father of four children, sailor, golfer, skier and cyclist


Member of the Elferrat (council of eleven) of the Bonn city soldiers corps


German - English - French - Italian - sign language supporting speech – Rhineland dialect 

Jürgen Römer