Dear patient,


The aim of our team-based work is to relieve and treat orthopaedic, trauma and sports medicine conditions and injuries by exhausting all conservative, i.e. non-surgical treatment procedures.

Treatments according to current scientific standards

The treatment we provide is based on current scientific standards in terms of complying with all guidelines, but also taking into account complementary medical perspectives. These are, for example, the use of acupunctureneurostimulation according to Professor Molsberger, or NSM for short (special acupuncture treatment in conjunction with electrotherapy in which there is a flow of tissue-healing cell stream), and the injection of natural substances and arnica into both inflamed tendon tissue and injured muscles, periosteum, inflamed joints or areas of wear.

A pleasant atmosphere for our patients is very important to us

My personnel, my colleagues and I myself all have the goal of welcoming you to a very pleasant atmosphere and of giving you the feeling that you are at the focus of the work of the entire practice team, from the moment you enter our practice.


I pay particular attention to the fact that our treatments are carried out without any pain or fear, in particular the injection therapy for the treatment of knee joint wear with hyaluronic acid and for the treatment of joint inflammation with anti-inflammatory and soothing substances, and the injection therapies into the spine for herniated discs, spinal conditions and wear syndrome. We always work together as a team. This results in transparency and an atmosphere of trust and security.