Services provided by Dr. Römer’s practice in Bonn

Dear patient,

In our practice in Bonn, we offer all treatment procedures for general and specialised conservative—meaning non-operative—orthopaedics.

Furthermore, my colleague and I have undergone training to gain additional qualifications in manual therapy, chiropractic andchirotherapy. We focus in particular on our sports orthopaedic practice, where we address sports medicine from the orthopaedic point of view, both in terms of sports injuries and complications related to sports. We are always open for consultations! All treatments are offered to both young and old. We offer treatment in particular to athletes—recreational athletes and competitive athletes of all age groups—and take care of these groups with just as much care as we do our professional and competitive athletes, as well as the athletes from the Olympic bases in Rhineland and Rhineland Palatinate.

A particular focus area of mine is the post-treatment of accidents as well as the post-treatment and outpatient rehabilitation of orthopaedic surgical procedures.

Once a week, in the afternoon after school, I offer a special paediatric sports orthopaedic consultation session to discuss and treat any problems that children and adolescents have with sports-related musculoskeletal pain. 

A major area of the treatment we offer is the treatment of osteoarthritis of all joints of the human musculoskeletal system, including the latest cartilage protection injection therapies with hyaluronic acid, whereby we can even inject small joints, in particular the thumb saddle joint and the big toe joint, with the aid of radiation-free digitised ultrasound navigation and colour Doppler optimisation. 

As part of our spinal therapy, including intervention through minimally invasive injection procedures and the treatment of herniated discs, we make every effort to avoid disc surgery.

I have qualified in Osteology at the DVO and we are therefore also able to provide osteoporosis treatments, for both men and women. 

As part of our alternative complementary medical treatments, we perform acupuncture therapies for the treatment of orthopaedic conditions, as well as other conditions such as tinnitus and headaches

We are approved by all health insurance funds in the acupuncture model projects for the treatment of the spine and of knee-joint complaints. As part of our shock wave therapy, we treat painful calcified shoulders as well as shoulder stiffness in accordance with the stage reached, heel spurs, bursitis on the hip as well as tennis elbow andgolfer’s elbow, muscular tension in the musculoskeletal system, tendonitis and other musculoskeletal sports medical conditions and injuries. 

We have our own physical-medical therapy unit with extension couch and heat application, electrotherapy and magnetic field therapy, which are used in cases of joint wear (arthritis) and pain. The practice has digitised X-ray facilities with a CD-ROM archive, which not only optimises the archiving of images but is also beneficial to the speed of treatment of our patients. 

For private patients, we can offer MRI scanning facilities, which are also in Bad Godesberg and where we can schedule a corresponding MRI of all joints as well as the spine at very short notice. We also have two cutting-edge sonography devices with colour Doppler equipment to assess inflammation, wear and mucosal inflammation of the musculoskeletal system. Sonography is also used to diagnose muscle and tendon injuries. The practice has a corresponding dynamic pedography and digital foot pressure measuring plate, which is used to provide insoles, in particular for the provision of special individually-tailored sports insoles. 

On the basis of our focus on sports medicine and our degree studies at the German Sport University Cologne, we can also offer advice on technique, technique analysis and training management within the context of our consultation sessions – for ambitious amateur athletes, as well as for performance and professional athletes.

The practice also has links to equipment-based training therapy withMedX training unit for the treatment of herniated discs, articular arthrosis of the small vertebral joints, spinal column loosening and instabilities by strengthening the spine.

In special cases, we are able to carry out special orthopaedic osteological laboratory tests, and we are also a model practice for the treatment of clinical pictures with neurostimulation according to Professor Molsberger (NSM).

We are responsible for this wide range of services:

Dr. Stephan Dresbach (left) and Dr. Jürgen Römer (right)