Our doctor’s office for conservative orthopaedics and sports medicine in Bonn

When you enter our practice, you will immediately see on the left our reception and reception area, where we kindly ask you to register so that we can make your stay in our practice as well-organised and enjoyable as possible, as well as ensuring that the visit doesn’t take up too much of your time. Within the practice, you will see everywhere our red and blue practice colors. We have a waiting room where we hope you will feel comfortable. The practice is arranged over two floors. We have a total of three treatment rooms and three rooms for acupuncture and different kinds of physical therapy. We also have digital X-ray equipment, which is located on the first floor. Our three treatment rooms have two cutting-edge digital ultrasound units with colour Doppler equipment. In treatment room 2, we also have a shock wave device with radial shockwave, focused shockwave and impulse shock wave treatment units. Here, pathologies such as heel spur, calcified shoulder, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are treated, as are Achilles tendonitis, muscular tension and myogelosis in the spine. We also use shock wave treatment for spinal conditions, in particular spinal disc-related muscle tension and pain. Our treatment room 3 is slightly smaller and is used, among other things, to care for patients with tape bandages, plaster casts, cutting-edge sports medical plastic and baycast bandages and immobilisations, as well as treatment with neurostimulation according to Prof. Molsberger (NSM).

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For my patients, a pleasant atmosphere comes first

In my office, I put great emphasis on making you feel comfortable and at home, because the treatments should take place in an atmosphere which is as relaxed as possible for you. On the second floor, where our acupuncture treatment rooms are located, we make it a priority to maintain a very calm atmosphere, so that the treatment of various different conditions–such as headache, shoulder-neck pain, back pain, hip pain, Achilles tendon complaints, knee pain and osteoarthritis—using traditional Chinese medicine and in particular acupuncture can work to optimal effect. 

Dr. Stephen Dresbach (left) and Dr. Jürgen Römer (right)